Bộ điều khiển hàng loạt loạt AJ-D

Bộ điều khiển hàng loạt loạt AJ-D

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AJ-D series Batch Controller is suited to flow applications where precise measurement and batch control quantities is required.

AJ-D series Batch Controller has the following main Features:

  • AJ-D series Batch Controller is suitable for various liquid; it can display instant flow, totalized flow and control purpose.
  • Input a variety of flow sensor signals, such as vortex flow meter, turbine flow meter, electromagnetic flow meter, roots flow meter, oval gear flow meter, orifice plate, V-cone flow meter, Annubar, mass flow meter.,etc. it is cheap price batch controller.
  • Flow input channel for batch meter: can receive frequency signal and a variety of analog current signals;
  • Temperature input channel: batch meter can receive a variety of analog current signal;
  • Can provide transmitter with +12V DC or + 24V DC power supply with short circuit protection function, simplify the system;
  • Fault-tolerant function: when temperature/density compensation measuring signal is abnormal, carry out compensation operation manually and set the corresponding value;
  • Batch counter has Flow re-transmission function, it can output current signal, update cycle is 1 second to realize auto batch control function.
  • Meter clock and timing automatic meter reading function, print function, provides the convenience for measurement management;
  • Rich self-test and self diagnosis function makes batch controller easy maintenance.
  • Three password prevents unauthorized personnel changes.
  • The batch controller without any potentiometer, code switch adjustable device, so as to improve the instrument seismic resistance, stability and reliability;
  • Communication function: can carry out data communication through a variety of means of communication with the host computer, RS-485; RS-232;

Main Technical Specification of AJ-D Series Batch Controller

1. Input signals for batch meter


  • Resistance: Standard thermal resistance --Pt100;
  • Current: 0~10mA, 4~20mA,input impedance≤250Ω)


  • Wave form: an rectangular shape, sine wave and triangular wave;
  • Amplitude: more than 4V;
  • Frequency: 0 ~ 10KHz (or according to user requirements).

2. Output signal for batch counter

Analog output:

  • DC 0~10mA(Load resistance≤750Ω);
  • DC 4~20mA(Load resistance≤500Ω);

3. Switch output for batch controller

  • Relay output –with hystersis, AC220V/3A; DC24V/6A(Resistance Load)

4. Communication for batch controller

  • Interface mode-RS232C,RS485,Ethernet;
  • Baud rate:600, 1200, 2400, 4800,9600Kbps

5. Feed output

  • DC24V,load≤100mA;
  • DC12V,load≤200mA

6. Characteristics of batch meter

  • Measuring accuracy: ± 0.2%FS ± 1 word or ± 0.5%FS ± 1 word
  • Frequency conversion accuracy: ± 1 pulse (LMS), generally better than 0.2%
  • Measuring range: -999999 ~ 999999 words (instantaneous, compensation value)
  • In 0 ~ 99999999.9999 words (Totalized value)
  • Resolution: ± 1 word

7. Display mode of batch counter

  • Historical cumulative flow, instantaneous flow, medium temperature, medium density, flow (differential current, frequency), clock, alarm status;

8. Control / alarm of batch controller

  • Select relay up/lower limit control (or alarm) output
  • Control (or alarm) is with hysteresis
  • Alarm: flow rate up and lower limit; temperature up and lower limit;

9. Protection of batch meter

  • Power accumulated value time more than 20 years;
  • Automatic reset, power supply under pressure;
  • Abnormal automatic reset (Watch Dog);
  • Resettable fuse, short circuit protection.

10. Working environment for batch controller

  • Environment temperature: -20 ℃~60 ℃
  • Relative humidity: ≤ 85%RH, avoid corrosive gas

11. Power supply of batch controller

  • Conventional type: AC 220V % (50Hz ± 2Hz);
  • Special type: AC 80~265V switching power supply;
  • DC 24V ± 1V switching power supply;
  • Backup power: +12V, 20AH, can last 72 hours.

12. Power consumption

  • ≤10W(AC220V)

Dimensions of Batch Controller

Dimensions of Batch Controller


Vortex flow sensor to measure the quantity of hot water, average flow coefficient is 9.2187 pulses / L. With Pt100 temperature compensation. Each time we need to batch control 10 tons of water. Batch control without password or IC card to confirm.

Parameter setting:

Parameter setting: AJ-D Series Batch Controller

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